Healthy & Safer Indoor Dining

In spaces where people have to take their masks off to eat, you need more assurance that your air quality is healthy. Senseware's real-time patented IAQ monitoring gives you scientific confidence that the air you breathe is safe. 


"Post Ranch Inn now displays the restaurant’s air quality updates on its website, so diners can time their escape around what they want to eat — and breathe...Four indoor air monitors from Senseware provide real-time readings of key air quality indicators in four zones of the restaurant."



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How we help

You've taken measures to ensure you keep your community safe. From air purifiers to better filters, you've done it all. But how do you give your team and customers the confidence and assurance that they're safe?  That's where we come in. By putting in Senseware you'll be able to access real-time data on a number of factors including Temperature, Humidity, Carbon Dioxide, Volatile Organic Compounds, Particulate Matter, Carbon Monoxide, and others. Through scientific data you'll reopen with confidence.

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Real-time monitoring that is publicly available provides valuable information to the public, giving people confidence that the space is indeed low risk.”


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